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Welcome to the Tin Inn !
Vintage restored travel trailers with a creative touch!!

The Tin Inn started out as a project simply for myself in 2004. I purchased a 1957 Cardinal so I would have ready accesss in a vintage easy to tow vehicle for camping. My previous experiences with tent camping were frustrating to say the least, packing all the gear, setting it up, only to find yourself sleeping on the hard ground when the air mattress leaked!!

I spent the next few months renovating it, and when I took her out many people were curious and wanted to see the inside, which gave me the inspiration to start this as a business. I also have an extensive background in home renovation and interior decorating, so it fit very nicely into my experience .

so , many trailers later, I still have a passion for restoring each one.  I usually don't have a preconcieved notion on their theme, each individual trailer seems to dictate that to me when I start.

I strive to make each one a functioning, unique, fun, piece of history. When ever possible I keep as many original features intact. I also make sure all systems are working,seams caulked and sealed,  bearings packed and tires new when warranted . They aren't perfect.. as they average around 40 plus years old. But like the rest of us they are aging with style and grace!!

(so glad they finally made a wine suiting my business!!   yum, Trailer Trash Chardonnay !! )

Happy Trails and see you out on the road!!